Send a Valentine Cards for Patients at Various Hospitals

A quick volunteering opportunity! Valentine’s Day is coming up and a few hospitals are making it special for kid patients. The public can send Valentine’s Day cards to patients (in general, not specific patient) via the hospital’s website for free. Below are some opportunities:

St. Jude Children’s – An electronic card with patient art can be created and sent to St. Jude kid patients here. You can type a message or select pre-written message.

Children’s Health (Dallas, Texas) – Choose a card, type a message, sign the ecard, and send here.

Texas Children’s Hospital– Choose a card, sign your name, and send the card here. What is special about this one is for every card send, Direct Energy will donate $1 to the hospital.

For a list of other Valentine Card’s sending opportunities, check out Here’s how you can send free Valentines to sick children in the hospital


The Holiday Project (Houston) Volunteering Opportunities

The Holiday Project is a non-profit that organizes visits to nursing homes, hospitals, and other residential institutions. Greeting Cards are also made and sent to residents at visits.

1.The Holiday Project’s Valentine’s Saturday Visit

Grace Care Center of Cypress
9602 Huffmeister Rd
Houston, Texas 77095

Date of Visit: Saturday, February 9, 2019

Contact Person: Donna Martin

For more information and other visit opportunities, please check out here.

2.If you would like to make Greeting cards:

If you’d like to donate Holiday Cards, *you may drop them off, or mail them to:

Grace Care Center of Cypress

Attn: Donna Martin/The Holiday Project 

9602 Huffmeister Rd

Houston, Texas 77095 

*You can also sign up for a scheduled visit if you want to personally pass out the cards you made to nursing home residents…..

Cards Needed for the Following Holidays in 2019:

(any amount of cards donated by an individual volunteer or group is appreciated!)

2019 Visit Dates and preferred deadline for cards:

Valentines Sat Feb 9
(Cards by Feb 1)
Easter Sat April 20
(Cards by April 12)
Mother’s Day Sat May 11
(Cards by May 8)
Fathers Day Sat June 15
(Cards by June 7)
Grandparents Day Sat Sept 7
(Cards by Aug 30)
Thanksgiving Thursday Nov 28
(Cards by Nov 22)
Christmas Day Wednesday Dec 25
(Cards by Dec 14)

2019 Valentine’s Day – need approx. 500 cards

2019 Easter – need approx. 500 cards

2019 Mother’s Day – need approx. 500 cards

2019 Father’s Day – need approx. 500 cards

2019 Grandparent’s Day – need approx. 500 cards

2019Thanksgiving Day – need approx. 2,000 cards

2019 Christmas Day – need approx. 2,000 cards

Card Guidelines:

In order to encourage creativity, very few guidelines are imposed on the making of Holiday Project handmade greeting cards. The cards may be almost any size, and the media used can be as simple as colored markers available at almost any grocery or drug store. Some people use combinations of media such as markers, rubber stamps, images cut from used or surplus store-bought greeting cards, cut-out computer-generated images, pasted bits of ribbon or felt, etc.

Here are a few general suggestions on other matters:
•Ideally the cards should be able to stand up if placed on a table, nightstand, etc.

•Please don’t use glitter-on-glue. The glitter tends to get all over everything. However, pre-mixed “Glitter Glue” (such as is made by Crayola) is fine.

•Sentiments that imply that the recipients’ circumstances are less than ideal (e.g., “Cheer Up!”, “You are not forgotten”, etc.) should be avoided.

•Greetings should be generic so that they can be appropriate to almost anyone. (For example, a Christmas card that says “Merry Christmas” on the front and “Wishing you all the joy of the season” or other similar sayings that are creative and/or festive inside would be fine.  Similarly, a Mother’s Day card that says “Happy Mother’s Day” and “The Best to You on this Special Day” would be fine, but sentiments such as “To a Great Mom” should be avoided, since not everyone visited in connection with Mother’s Day has been a mother.)

•Please don’t enclose or attach candy to the cards. (Logistically speaking, it’s usually not practical for the visit-volunteers to separate out such cards and determine which recipients are permitted to have candy.)

•It’s preferable that the cards not be in envelopes. (Some of the recipients suffer from advanced arthritis or other conditions that make the simple act of removing a card from an envelope quite difficult.)

•Please don’t put a date on the cards. (We occasionally have a surplus of cards for a given occasion, in which case we simply pack up the excess cards and use them for the same holiday the next year.)

•Cards should be signed by the persons making them. Any signature should probably include just the signer’s first name or first names of group…

Please Please Please do not put anything about the state of a residents health …such as I hope you get well soon or hope your health improves…the residents aren’t all sick that live in long term care and for the short term rehab patients in skilled nursing facilities it is just too hard for volunteers to know who is in a facility for long term residence or short term rehab stay, so we just avoid anything health related!! 

Questions – email Donna Martin at:


Want to volunteer?: Please contact Donna Martin at or call 832-515-3862.

Facebook: The Holiday Project (General) Facebook Page

Website: The Holiday Project Volunteer Opportunities Website

City of Sugar Land Volunteering Opportunities

I. Sugar Land Animal Shelter
Volunteer opportunities are daily during shelter hours of operation. The volunteering opportunities include Dog Socializer, Dog Walking, Dog Kennel Cleaning, Reception Volunteers, Cat Grooming and Playing, Cat Kennel Cleaning, and PetSmart Volunteers (assisting with adoptions at PetSmart – must be 18 or older).

Address: 101 Gillingham Ln, Sugar Land, Texas 77478

Thursday 8am-7pm
Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 10am-2pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm

II. Right Tree Right Place event

March 14, 2019
9 AM-1PM

Volunteers would be needed to assist Parks and Recreation Staff and CenterPoint Energy Staff with planting trees in Brazos River Park. Parks and Recreation Staff would advise volunteers on the proper way to plant a tree, and then volunteers would be released to begin planting the trees.

Want to volunteer?: All volunteers for the above events must be registered Serve Sugar Land volunteers. All volunteering at the shelter and at PetSmart requires a training session. All volunteers also need to be at least 14 years old.

To register, interested individuals can visit,  then hover on Get Involved at the top– at this point you will need to either choose the above 18 or under 18 application depending on your age.

If any questions, you can also contact Kayla at

Facebook: City of Sugar Land Facebook Page


Hermann Park Conservancy volunteering opportunities

Hermann Park Conservancy is a non-profit organization serving to improve and maintain Hermann Park. The organization also contributes to reforestation efforts and maintenance initiatives for Hermann Park.

Interested volunteers can visit the volunteer opportunities page to see the most current and accurate information on volunteer opportunities at any given time.

Upcoming Event Volunteer Opportunities

Hermann Park Conservancy will have a few upcoming events that would need volunteers. Volunteering opportunities include helping with gift bag prep, event check-in, and post-event clean up. Please see below events:

Events are listed on Hermann Park’s Calendar.

Gardening Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers interested in gardening may want to consider volunteer gardening at McGovern Centennial Gardens and The Japanese Garden.

A weekly group of garden volunteers meet on Wednesdays from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. or Saturdays from 9 a.m.-12 p.m to volunteer at McGovern Centennial Gardens. Individual volunteers garden on Thursday mornings from 9-11 a.m at The Japanese Gardens.To learn about all of the McGovern Centennial Gardens and The Japanese Garden volunteer opportunities, email the volunteer coordinator at or call 713-524-5876, ext. 357.

Want to volunteer?:  All volunteers must fill out an application and meet with the volunteer coordinator to review their interests, skills, and availability. If you have any questions or need more information, you can email Gabriel Durham, community engagement coordinator, email the volunteer coordinator at or call 713-524-5876, ext. 357

Facebook: Hermann Park Conservancy


Rosenberg Railroad Museum Volunteer Opportunities

The Rosenberg Railroad Museum helps provide education on the historic railroad heritage of Rosenberg and of Texas. The museum have volunteer opportunities for weekends, Spring Break, summer and an upcoming event.

Guided Tour Volunteers / Docents
Weekend volunteers are regularly needed. Volunteers over Spring Break and the Summer are also needed. It is most helpful for volunteers to receive training and learn how to lead a guided tour for the guests.  That usually requires a few visits in order to learn the tour and practice with an experienced docent.

Saturday, April 6, 2019
Volunteers will be needed to work carnival-type games, greet guests, and help with crafts.  There will be a Sign Up Genius closer to the event and interested volunteers are encouraged to check the website and Facebook page for more information.

Want to volunteer?:
Volunteers must be 14 years old. If you meet the age requirement and want to volunteer, please contact or at 281-633-2846. All volunteers must complete training session and pass background check. If any questions, please contact

Facebook: Rosenberg RR Museum Facebook Page


Undies for Everyone Volunteering Opportunities

Undies for Everyone is an organization that helps provide Houston’s disadvantaged students with free underwear. New underwear has been provided for underprivileged primary and elementary school children, and also those affected by natural disaster events. The free and clean underwear will help enhance the students’ self-esteem, dignity, hygiene, and success.

Volunteers are needed to help pack underwear. There is generally volunteer events available on the weekends and Thursdays of the month.

Want to volunteer?: The event dates, times, location, # of volunteers needed are on the organization’s volunteer page on their website. You can sign up on or on the  organization’s website. If any questions, please contact

Facebook:  Undies for Everyone Facebook Page


Kids’ Meals volunteering opportunities

Kids’ Meals is a non profit organization that deliver meals to hungry children preschool-aged (5 years and younger) children and kids up to 18 years of age when school is out that has no access to free meal programs in Houston.

There are volunteering opportunities available on the weekdays. Volunteer Shifts are Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm. Some volunteering job positions include packing lunches, volunteer riders (time is from 7:30am-12:00pm or 7:30am-2:00pm), being a delivery driver, and administration volunteers. For more details on volunteering opportunities, please visit Kids’ Meals Volunteer Page.

For opportunities on the weekends, there is the Ambassador of Hope program again. Volunteers are needed who will go out and speak on behalf of Kids’ Meals at certain events on weekdays and weekends especially for this summer. Volunteers can contact the coordinator, and she will send a PowerPoint presentation for them to use and study when they go to speaking events. There is always a need for volunteers for Shipley’s Donuts Dash on April 13th and Harvest Luncheon on November 1. We also have offsite opportunities where people can pack snack packs for us, decorate lunch bags, or host a donation drive.

Want to volunteer?:  Volunteers looking for volunteering opportunities on the weekdays can register through the Kids’ Meals online registration system. For those who are interested in weekend volunteer opportunities, you can contact or the volunteer coordinator at 

Facebook: Kids’ Meals Facebook Page