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Welcome to my blog website, Weekend Volunteering!

Volunteering is a great way for people to help out and be part of the community, learn about different causes, and meet a lot of new, great and kind people out there! My name is Wendy Teng, and I started this website in order to help organizations find potential volunteers and help potential volunteers find flexible, weekend, or online volunteer opportunities.

Time seems to be limited for adults. Work, errands, family, friends, leisure, etc. take up a lot of time. Young kids, teenagers, and students may also want to volunteer but are restricted due to parent or guardian’s schedule and or transportation.

In general, I believe many would like to volunteer but are unsure due to time commitments. I hope this site would help people find volunteer opportunities that are more flexible and easier on the schedule for those who need it.

If you have any questions and or would like to post any volunteer opportunities, please feel free to email me at or