Volunteer Houston: Remote Phone Agents Needed to Support Crisis Cleanup

Remote Phone Agents Needed to Support Crisis Cleanup

  • Volunteer from the safety of your home
  • Your personal phone number is masked by the Crisis Cleanup platform
  • Support local residents who call the hotline to report property damages

Many local organizations use the Crisis Cleanup platform to 1) identify homes that require cleanup service of some sort, and 2) deploy volunteers to those sites to perform the work. Phone bank agents are responsible for entering complete and accurate information in the Crisis Cleanup platform as reported by residents who are calling Crisis Cleanup to report their needs. We are recruiting individuals to serve as a phone agent for Crisis Cleanup to do the following:

  • Listen
  • Manage expectations
  • Enter the callers’ requests on the Crisis Cleanup platform


  1. Complete a level one criminal background check.
  2. After responding to this need you will receive an email from a Volunteer Houston team member with a link to a ZOOM training that will occur on Thursday Feb 25th @ 5 – 6 pm. Participation in this training is mandatory.
  3. After completing training you will be provided a link to register for various phone bank shifts.
    1. Each shift is 3 hours
    2. Earliest shift starts at 8 am, latest shift ends at 8 pm
    3. Agents are needed now through March 5th
    4. You are asked to return calls from residents and enter their info in the platform during your shift. You may or may not be making calls during your full shift. It is completely dependent on the number of residents calling for assistance.




Winter Storm 2021 Volunteering Opportunities

Who knew February 2021 would bring unexpected troubles to many in Texas? The Winter Storm of 2021 has hit many Texans hard. Faced with power outages, no electricity, and frozen pipes, many Texans had difficulty keeping warm in cold, freezing temperatures. Without electricity, some also faced problems with making food. Then there are water boil notices that popped up shortly when power gradually came back. Not to mention, there are many facing water and structural damages to their homes in the aftermath. It seems like a never-ending mess, but thank goodness, this weekend brought overall good temperatures. Hopefully many were able to take advantage of the good weather to get things back in order and fix anything that needs to be fixed.

If you would like to help out, here are some goods sites that mentions volunteer opportunities related to the Winter Storm 2021 situation in Texas.

Texas Monthly: How to Help Texans Recover from the Winter Disaster:

Houston Food Bank: Winter Storm 2021 Volunteer Opportunities

How to volunteer or donate to Austin residents amid historic winter storms

Here’s some ways to help San Antonio and Texas winter storm victims

How to Help Feed People In Need During Dallas’s Winter Weather Crisis

Volunteering Opportunities for Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving

Interfaith Ministries’ hosts the annual event Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving to help feed homebound seniors in the Greater Houston and Galveston areas.  

Virtual volunteers are needed for the Friendly Neighbor Call Team which will have volunteers call seniors on Thanksgiving Day morning to give holiday greetings. Each volunteer will be given a list of approx 10 seniors. Volunteers can take part up to 3 rounds of calling (30 seniors).

For more information, visit this link.

Voting Volunteering Opportunites

It is almost Nov 3, aka Election Day! The next elected President will surely influence what direction America will be going towards the next 4 years as usual. However, it is specially important this year because the next 1-2 years is crucial to getting America back up again and a lot of areas will need to be addressed (Coronavirus, Racial Tension/Division, The Economy/ Unemployment, Climate Change, the future of the Supreme Court Justices and the future idealism of America). It is really an exciting time because all decisions after the Election will set the foundation for many decades in the future. Whoever wins, hope they will steer the United States and the American people towards a bright path.

In the meantime, poll places are facing shortages of election poll workers/volunteers. Many of these poll workers/volunteers are seniors and are at high risk for coronavirus so they may avoid working/volunteering this year or limit their hours. If you are able to volunteer or work at polling places, please check the availability in your area. Below are some sites for you to check out out see.





And if you are not able to volunteer but you are planning to vote, please make sure to vote early so your vote would count. Last minute is not a good thing, especially for this election year.

Education on Racism Volunteering Opportunities

Racism and Black Lives Matter were the main focus in many cities in the United States the last few weeks. Many people can never understand because those who are not Black can never be in their shoes, facing what they have to face. However, one can try to understand from a Black person’s perspective or from their loved one’s perspective the difficulties against them because of just color.

Today, in this day and age, it is absolutely discouraging that racism occurs in a country that is supposed to be forward thinking, modern, free, tolerant, anti-discrimination, and upholds what should be justice and equality. Knowing the history of the United States, and as an American, it is truly disheartening to see no progress on this matter.

Will racism end? Most likely not, but it doesn’t mean humans can not strive towards this goal little by little. Humans have the capability to take action, learn and acquire knowledge, and achieve targeted goals. Education is important. Support education for tolerance and understanding of different races, ethnicity, and culture and perhaps change will occur, even if it may take a long time. Below are some volunteering opportunities found online for volunteers who want to make a difference on racism by education:

Reading to End Racism -Reading to End Racism (RER) is a racial justice program that uses trained volunteers to read with children in the classroom at school-wide visits in Boulder County.  Volunteers will need to complete a half-day training session in Boulder or Longmont and will have training that will enhance technique in the classroom and understanding of discrimination. A free background check with the school district will need to be done, and volunteers will need to shadow an experienced reader at one school visit. Volunteers should commit to at least one school visit (one hour) per month. If interested or need more information, please visit https://www.ywcaboulder.org/get-involved/volunteer/  or complete the REI volunteering form.

Center for Racial Justice in Education – Volunteering with the Center for Racial Justice in Education to support building schools and communities grounded in racial justice. Fill out the form on the website to show your interest in volunteering and how you would like to contribute. The organization states it will return volunteer inquiries within five business days.

Erase Racism – This organization has a mission to eliminate institutional and structural racism on Long Island, NY. Volunteer skills needed are administrative, computer/web, community organizing, fundraising, event planning, and research. Fill out the form with your skills and interests to see what volunteer positions are available.

Below is a link to San Antonio Magazine page that provides some organizations that support to further racial Equality:

Local Organizations to Support to Further Racial Equality

To be updated with more opportunities…If you know of any, please email weekendvolunteering@gmail.com

Coronavirus (Covid19) Info & Volunteering Opportunities

It has been a year+ since my last post. A lot has happened in the past year, but nothing can be compared to the current pandemic, coronavirus aka Covid19. It is only a quarter into the year 2020 now, but Covid19 has heavily impacted people’s lives everywhere. What we all took for granted, freedom to go anywhere we want, freedom to eat whatever we want, freedom to socialize with anyone and everyone, are all seemingly on hold as social distancing becomes the norm.

With only essential workers heading to work, and only essential businesses open, volunteering opportunities are limited. I am hoping to share Covid websites with good information on this blog post and any related volunteering opportunities that organizations need to help others out during this time. There are many remote volunteering opportunities available that can be done safely at your own homes. Of course, there are also volunteering opportunities that are not remote, but make sure you follow the rules and regulation set forth in your local communities before venturing out. I’ll keep updating this post as I find more information and opportunities. Please email me at weekendvolunteering@gmail.com if you have any recommendations.

Remember: Staying at home to volunteer is the best option at this time, but if you do want to help out in person, please follow your local government rules and regulations first and foremost. Do stay home if you are sick OR if you have contact with anyone that is sick or may be sick.

I.Coronavirus Information

What is Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19)?

Coronavirus: Safety Tips For You

Coronavirus disease: Symptoms & Causes; Diagnosis & Treatment

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks

Mail, groceries, and takeout: How to be sanitary with stuff you’re bringing home https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2020/3/27/21195819/mail-groceries-takeout-packages-delivery-clean-sanitize-wipe-outside-coronavirus

How Safe Is It To Eat Takeout?

II.Volunteering Opportunities:

Volunteer Match 
Various virtual volunteering opportunities

United Nations 
Online volunteering opportunities in various areas like writing/editing, translation, research, project development, etc.

Red Cross
Looking for volunteers for blood donation and delivery support, disaster response & relief, and volunteering from home (virtual opportunities)

Houston Food Bank
Looking for volunteers to help with various projects and delivery

Meals On Wheel
Volunteers for deliveries, the kitchen, and other opportunities

Plant It Forward
Looking for volunteers to help on the farm, Food Hub, and remotely

Remote Area Medical
Non-clinical administrative volunteers are needed to help staff COVID-19 drive-through testing sites

TX N95 Covers
Volunteers helping to sew covers for N95 masks for medical personnels in Texas

LA Works
Virtual volunteer opportunities to support Los Angeles

Michigan Volunteers
Medical, public health, community, healthcare administrator, etc volunteers needed in Michigan

Volunteer New York: Virtual Volunteer Center
Virtual remote volunteering opportunities In New York as well as community-wide response activities in New York

Technology SWAT Teams to Support New York COVID-19 Response
Looking for companies and skilled tech individuals to help build and develop technological solutions that can help with the response to the virus.

Fort Bend Habitat Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are needed on the construction site on Saturdays between 8am – 4pm (8am – 12pm, 12:30pm – 4pm, or all day 8am – 4pm shifts). Mid-week work teams are utilized on an “as needed” basis. For mid-week opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Services Director. Make sure you have a completed waiver. If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Services Director at 281-403-0708 ext. 305

A Construction Site Host serves as the volunteer host at the construction site. Duties include but are not limited to: set up sign-in and refreshment tables, set out supplies, greet volunteers as they arrive, assist volunteers with sign-in and completion of volunteer information forms, clean up, remind volunteers to sign-out when leaving and thank them for coming.

To show appreciation to the hard working construction volunteers, Fort Bend Habitat provides lunch Monday and Saturday. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in providing lunch for a work crew of 30-50 volunteers.

Group volunteers are welcome to assist with Construction, the Habitat ReStore, and various special projects. On-site construction work is the most popular of Habitat’s volunteer opportunities. Each year dozens of alumni groups, businesses, houses of worship, professional organizations, and schools participate on the FBHFHwork site! Group volunteers are scheduled on a first come-first serve basis. We have group volunteer opportunities Tuesday-Friday and on Saturdays.

Listed below are some of the non-construction volunteer opportunities:


  • ReStore Warehouse Volunteers – The ReStore is always looking for volunteers to work in the store. Volunteers clean and prepare donations for sale, provide sales assistance on sales floor, straighten sales floor and shelves and assist with inventory control.


  • Office Assistance – FBHFH is always looking for folks to assist in data entry, answering the phone, and other general office activities.
  • Website/Social Marketing – Also needed are volunteers to maintain and update the FBHFH website, as well as take and post pictures of the construction site, promote FBHFH events/activities, advertise volunteer opportunities, and advertise products for sale in ReStore on the website and social marketing sites.
  • Media, Newsletter, Press – For anyone interested in writing for the newsletter, issuing press releases, making contact with local media, etc. No experience necessary!
  • Workshop Leaders – FBHFH is seeking volunteers with extensive knowledge in plumbing, electrical, heating/venting, etc. that would be willing to teach homeowners and conduct monthly workshops.


Committee Membership – We have many committees which often need assistance or new committee members. Please see a listing of committees below for more information.

Construction Committee:

  • review and approve house plans
  • purchase materials and contact suppliers
  • supervise construction of homes
  • maintain guidelines set forth by city codes

Family Services Committee:

  • screens applications and interviews prospective homeowners
  • recommends applicant family to the Board for acceptance into the Habitat program
  • provides a support system to homeowner families
  • offers workshops for families on topics related to home ownership, budgeting, and home maintenance

Resource Development Committee:

  • designs and implements fund raising campaigns for the affiliate
  • pursues grant money
  • plans special community-wide fundraising events
  • cultivates donors among local businesses, companies, and individuals

Site Selection Committee:

  • locates available lots for future building projects
  • researches title and property issues before land purchase
  • evaluates the suitability of potential purchases for affiliate needs
  • communicates lot availability with construction committee

Volunteer Coordination Committee:

  • sends building schedules to potential volunteers
  • confirms work schedule for participating groups and individuals
  • organizes volunteers at the building site (check in, work groups, food set up, etc.)
  • solicits donations of snacks and meals for volunteers at building site

Communications Committee:

  • assist with the development of mail-outs, flyers, etc.
  • work with affiliate to develop the year end giving campaign
  • develop advertising campaigns for the affiliate

Special Projects and Extraordinary Committees:

  • organize and coordinate special events or projects as needed
  • assist with the development of special programs to meet the growing needs of the County

Want to volunteer?: Visit the webpage here. If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Services Director at 281-403-0708 ext. 305

Facebook: Fort Bend Habitat Facebook Page

Website: Fortbendhabitat.org

The Arc of Fort Bend County volunteering opportunity

The Arc of Fort Bend County advocates for the special needs of all people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities. The organization ensures opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to maximize their quality of life within the community.

Volunteers are needed for for Parent Night Out & Teen/Tween Social Event. If you have any questions, you may contact Karri Axtell at info@arcoffortbend.org or 281-494-5924.

Want to volunteer?: Contact info@arcoffortbend.org or email here.

Facebook: The Arc of Fort Bend Facebook Page

Website: Arcoffortbend.org

The Czech Center Museum Houston volunteering opportunities

If you are interested in Czech culture, history,  and heritage, you may be interested in volunteering for the Czech Museum. Volunteer opportunities include leading tours of the Museum galleries, helping in the gift shop, greeting guests, and facilitating children’s art projects. The Czech Museum would also need volunteers to be docents. Volunteers will also be needed on family days at the Museum, the Annual Members & Friends Dinner, Gala,  and Oktoberfest. Museum volunteers will need to contribute a minimum of 20 hours per year. 

Want to volunteer?: More information about the volunteering opportunity can be found here. Volunteers will first need to complete and sign up here. There will be a an orientation meeting to learn about the different opportunities and meet the CCMH staff. The orientation is about 2 hours. You can also contact museum@czechcenter.org or 713.528.2060 for more details on volunteering opportunities.

Facebook: Czech Center Museum Facebook Page

Website: Czechcenter.org

2019 DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS TRASH-OFF volunteering opportunity

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Sugar Land Town Center
2711 Plaza Drive
Sugar Land, Texas 77479

Volunteers will be assigned to pick up litter at designated sites in Sugar Land and should allow approximately two hours for cleanup. All volunteers under age 18 must be accompanied by a registered participating adult.

Want to volunteer?: It says on website that registration forms needs to be submitted by March 8, so I would just contact vickigist@kslb.org to see if they are still accepting volunteers since it is still some time away.

Facebook: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rock Earth Day Celebration

Website: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rock Earth Day Celebration event page