Education on Racism Volunteering Opportunities

Racism and Black Lives Matter were the main focus in many cities in the United States the last few weeks. Many people can never understand because those who are not Black can never be in their shoes, facing what they have to face. However, one can try to understand from a Black person’s perspective or from their loved one’s perspective the difficulties against them because of just color.

Today, in this day and age, it is absolutely discouraging that racism occurs in a country that is supposed to be forward thinking, modern, free, tolerant, anti-discrimination, and upholds what should be justice and equality. Knowing the history of the United States, and as an American, it is truly disheartening to see no progress on this matter.

Will racism end? Most likely not, but it doesn’t mean humans can not strive towards this goal little by little. Humans have the capability to take action, learn and acquire knowledge, and achieve targeted goals. Education is important. Support education for tolerance and understanding of different races, ethnicity, and culture and perhaps change will occur, even if it may take a long time. Below are some volunteering opportunities found online for volunteers who want to make a difference on racism by education:

Reading to End Racism -Reading to End Racism (RER) is a racial justice program that uses trained volunteers to read with children in the classroom at school-wide visits in Boulder County.  Volunteers will need to complete a half-day training session in Boulder or Longmont and will have training that will enhance technique in the classroom and understanding of discrimination. A free background check with the school district will need to be done, and volunteers will need to shadow an experienced reader at one school visit. Volunteers should commit to at least one school visit (one hour) per month. If interested or need more information, please visit  or complete the REI volunteering form.

Center for Racial Justice in Education – Volunteering with the Center for Racial Justice in Education to support building schools and communities grounded in racial justice. Fill out the form on the website to show your interest in volunteering and how you would like to contribute. The organization states it will return volunteer inquiries within five business days.

Erase Racism – This organization has a mission to eliminate institutional and structural racism on Long Island, NY. Volunteer skills needed are administrative, computer/web, community organizing, fundraising, event planning, and research. Fill out the form with your skills and interests to see what volunteer positions are available.

Below is a link to San Antonio Magazine page that provides some organizations that support to further racial Equality:

Local Organizations to Support to Further Racial Equality

To be updated with more opportunities…If you know of any, please email


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