Voting Volunteering Opportunites

It is almost Nov 3, aka Election Day! The next elected President will surely influence what direction America will be going towards the next 4 years as usual. However, it is specially important this year because the next 1-2 years is crucial to getting America back up again and a lot of areas will need to be addressed (Coronavirus, Racial Tension/Division, The Economy/ Unemployment, Climate Change, the future of the Supreme Court Justices and the future idealism of America). It is really an exciting time because all decisions after the Election will set the foundation for many decades in the future. Whoever wins, hope they will steer the United States and the American people towards a bright path.

In the meantime, poll places are facing shortages of election poll workers/volunteers. Many of these poll workers/volunteers are seniors and are at high risk for coronavirus so they may avoid working/volunteering this year or limit their hours. If you are able to volunteer or work at polling places, please check the availability in your area. Below are some sites for you to check out out see.

And if you are not able to volunteer but you are planning to vote, please make sure to vote early so your vote would count. Last minute is not a good thing, especially for this election year.


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