This blog will feature volunteer opportunities from online, on the weekend, or on flexible dates and timings. There are many people who would like to volunteer, but may not find suitable organizations to volunteer, due to time commitment or requirements. I hope this blog will help potential volunteers find an organization they can support and become a great volunteer.

This blog is not affiliated with any organizations mentioned on this blog. This blog will only feature volunteer opportunities from a variety of organizations or events. If you would like to volunteer for any of the organizations or events mentioned on this blog, please contact the organization directly for more information. Please note the organization(s) will need to accept you as a volunteer before you can actually volunteer.

Things to Think About for New and Potential Volunteers:
-Figure out what you are willing to offer as a volunteer. How many hours can you put in per week? How many days you can put in per week? How many weekends you can put in per month?
-Research on the organization you would like to volunteer for. Contact them for more information. Ask questions. Get answers.
-Make sure you are comfortable supporting the organization’s cause before you volunteer.
-Remember commitment is very important for any volunteering assignments.


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