Winter Storm 2021 Volunteering Opportunities

Who knew February 2021 would bring unexpected troubles to many in Texas? The Winter Storm of 2021 has hit many Texans hard. Faced with power outages, no electricity, and frozen pipes, many Texans had difficulty keeping warm in cold, freezing temperatures. Without electricity, some also faced problems with making food. Then there are water boil notices that popped up shortly when power gradually came back. Not to mention, there are many facing water and structural damages to their homes in the aftermath. It seems like a never-ending mess, but thank goodness, this weekend brought overall good temperatures. Hopefully many were able to take advantage of the good weather to get things back in order and fix anything that needs to be fixed.

If you would like to help out, here are some goods sites that mentions volunteer opportunities related to the Winter Storm 2021 situation in Texas.

Texas Monthly: How to Help Texans Recover from the Winter Disaster:

Houston Food Bank: Winter Storm 2021 Volunteer Opportunities

How to volunteer or donate to Austin residents amid historic winter storms

Here’s some ways to help San Antonio and Texas winter storm victims

How to Help Feed People In Need During Dallas’s Winter Weather Crisis


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