Kids’ Meals volunteering opportunities

Kids’ Meals is a non profit organization that deliver meals to hungry children preschool-aged (5 years and younger) children and kids up to 18 years of age when school is out that has no access to free meal programs in Houston.

There are volunteering opportunities available on the weekdays. Volunteer Shifts are Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm. Some volunteering job positions include packing lunches, volunteer riders (time is from 7:30am-12:00pm or 7:30am-2:00pm), being a delivery driver, and administration volunteers. For more details on volunteering opportunities, please visit Kids’ Meals Volunteer Page.

For opportunities on the weekends, there is the Ambassador of Hope program again. Volunteers are needed who will go out and speak on behalf of Kids’ Meals at certain events on weekdays and weekends especially for this summer. Volunteers can contact the coordinator, and she will send a PowerPoint presentation for them to use and study when they go to speaking events. There is always a need for volunteers for Shipley’s Donuts Dash on April 13th and Harvest Luncheon on November 1. We also have offsite opportunities where people can pack snack packs for us, decorate lunch bags, or host a donation drive.

Want to volunteer?:  Volunteers looking for volunteering opportunities on the weekdays can register through the Kids’ Meals online registration system. For those who are interested in weekend volunteer opportunities, you can contact or the volunteer coordinator at 

Facebook: Kids’ Meals Facebook Page



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