Undies for Everyone Volunteering Opportunities

Undies for Everyone is an organization that helps provide Houston’s disadvantaged students with free underwear. New underwear has been provided for underprivileged primary and elementary school children, and also those affected by natural disaster events. The free and clean underwear will help enhance the students’ self-esteem, dignity, hygiene, and success.

Volunteers are needed to help pack underwear. There is generally volunteer events available on the weekends and Thursdays of the month.

Want to volunteer?: The event dates, times, location, # of volunteers needed are on the organization’s volunteer page on their website. You can sign up on http://signup.com/go/JnWbQwo or on the  organization’s website. If any questions, please contact info@undiesforeveryone.org

Facebook:  Undies for Everyone Facebook Page

Website: Undiesforeveryone.org


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