The Lighthouse of Houston volunteering opportunities

The Lighthouse of Houston is a nonprofit education and service center working to assist the blind and visually impaired.

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities available.

Home Visitor – The single largest need for volunteers. A home visitor is a volunteer who assists a blind adult with grocery shopping, mail reading, letter writing, bill paying and/or running errands. Commitment: 1 or 2 times a month. Adult, Family. Weekdays & Weekends (Flexible)

Telephone Reassurance – Volunteers call homebound clients to determine well-being and provide friendship. Commitment: 2 to 4 times a month. Adult, Family. Weekdays & Weekends (Flexible)

Medical Transportation Aide – Volunteers provide transportation for clients during the week to/from medical appointments. Commitment: This is an “on call” position. Volunteers work only when available. Adult. Weekdays & Weekends (Flexible)

Adult Day Care Assistant – Assist with recreation classes, serve coffee/lunch, and offer companionship to blind/visually impaired persons in this day program. Commitment: Varies depending on availability and need. Adult, Family, Junior, Group. Weekdays Only

Store Sales – Volunteers are needed to assist in our store, Reflections, selling adaptive aids in a retail setting including catalog and telephone orders. Needed during lunch hours. Commitment: Varies depending on availability. Adult. Weekdays Only

Wellness Aide – Volunteers work with our registered nurse in the Multi Care Center on chronic disease management, health and wellness education, weight and nutrition management, basic mobility and exercise assistance with impaired adults, assisting with preventive health screenings, assisting with memory stimulation and appropriate activities. Commitment: Once a week, during week. Adult, nursing student preferred. Weekdays Only

Tandem Bike Rider – As a volunteer, you would be the sighted rider on the front of a tandem bike with a blind or visually impaired rider on the back. Group bike rides occur twice a month. Commitment: Once or twice a month. Adult, Group.  Specific Saturdays

Want to volunteer?: Please fill out the contact the ‘Become A Volunteer Form’ on The Houston Lighthouse Volunteer Page. If any questions, you can also contact Coordinator of Volunteer and Outreach Services, Kristina Derrick at or call 713-284-8473.

FacebookThe Lighthouse of Houston Facebook Page


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