OneGoal *new* volunteering opportunity

OneGoal is a growing college persistence organization that identifies, trains and supports our nation’s most effective teachers to lead historically under-served high school students to reach their full potential and graduate from college. “We won’t stop until every young person in America has a real opportunity to earn a college degree and the life that goes with it.” – OneGoal

For more information on ONEGOAL, please see OneGoal Model Overview , OneGoal General Overview, and OneGoal FY17 School Partnership Map.

Volunteer Opportunity for an upcoming virtual essay coaches conference:

    • Title: OneGoal-Houston: Essay Coaches Conference (Virtual)
      • Volunteers will virtually review essays written by OneGoal Fellows and provide productive feedback.
    • Who: Volunteers who are interested in providing written feedback and virtual support will be assigned to 3 or 4 students, with the option of taking on more if they would like.
    • What: volunteers will review student essays and provide them with individualized feedback using Google docs, we estimate about 15-20 minutes per essay, which means about 1 hour of their time (+ the training which is also an hour)
    • When: April 24th- May 5th
    • Where: Google Hangout for training, Google Drive for essay- (virtual)
    • How: Visit  OneGoal Engagement Survey to sign up to volunteer.
      • Step 1: Volunteers will attend a short virtual training.
      • Step 2: Our Program Directors (Teachers) will email the essays to volunteers based on their assigned students.
      • Step 3: Students will revise essays based on feedback received from volunteers.

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