The Center for Hearing and Speech’s volunteer opportunities

The Center for Hearing and Speech, a United Way agency, offers classes and resources to teach deaf children to listen, speak, and read.

The organization has an annual event, Via Colori, that requires more than 600 volunteers. It will be on November 18 and 19 this year. You can learn more about this opportunity on the Via Colori Website. Volunteer recruitment for this event will begin in September 2017.

Most of the Center for Hearing and Speech’s other volunteer opportunities are during the week, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Thursday and from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm on Friday. The Center for Hearing and Speech is closed on the weekends. Volunteer opportunities during the week (that require orientation) include translation, classroom volunteering, administrative and clerical support, development helpers, tutors. Volunteer opportunities during the week (that do not require orientation) include carpentry/building work, craft makers/painters/decorators, and or help on supply, book, and toy drives.

Want to volunteer?: If you are interested in volunteer opportunities during the week, please visit The Center for Hearing and Speech’s volunteer webpage for more information. You can also contact Outreach and Volunteer Manager, Erica Perez, at or (713) 523-3633.

Facebook: The Center for Hearing and Speech’s Facebook Page and Via Colori Houston Facebook Page

Website: and Via Colori Website


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