Houston Pets Alive volunteer opportunities

Houston Pets Alive is an animal rescue group with programs to help save animals most at risk for euthanasia. Please see below for the organization’s volunteer opportunities.

1) Volunteers to help handle dogs and talk to the public in order to promote adoptions during our weekend adoption events.
2) Volunteers to help care for cats that live in the condos at Petsmart (Petsmart by Westheimer and Dunvale).
3) Volunteers to assist with emails/ voicemails and processing volunteer applications.
4) Volunteers to go to the Harris County Shelter and act as a liaison to meet the animals and take their pictures. The descriptive information and pictures of the animals will be sent with foster pleas.
5) Volunteers to make flyers for adoptable dogs based on a template and also volunteers to hang those flyers.
6) Someone to run a PASS program – it is a Facebook based page that will help network animals that people need to give up so that we can help them to avoid dropping them at a shelter.
7) Foster parents!!!

Want to volunteer?: If you have more questions or want more specific details, please contact Houston Pets Alive Volunteer Coordinator, Haley, at info@houstonpetsalive.org or call at 832-786-9310.

Facebook: Houston Pets Alive Facebook Page

Website: Houstonpetsalive.org


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