Fort Bend Habitat Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are needed on the construction site on Saturdays between 8am – 4pm (8am – 12pm, 12:30pm – 4pm, or all day 8am – 4pm shifts). Mid-week work teams are utilized on an “as needed” basis. For mid-week opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Services Director. Make sure you have a completed waiver. If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Services Director at 281-403-0708 ext. 305

A Construction Site Host serves as the volunteer host at the construction site. Duties include but are not limited to: set up sign-in and refreshment tables, set out supplies, greet volunteers as they arrive, assist volunteers with sign-in and completion of volunteer information forms, clean up, remind volunteers to sign-out when leaving and thank them for coming.

To show appreciation to the hard working construction volunteers, Fort Bend Habitat provides lunch Monday and Saturday. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in providing lunch for a work crew of 30-50 volunteers.

Group volunteers are welcome to assist with Construction, the Habitat ReStore, and various special projects. On-site construction work is the most popular of Habitat’s volunteer opportunities. Each year dozens of alumni groups, businesses, houses of worship, professional organizations, and schools participate on the FBHFHwork site! Group volunteers are scheduled on a first come-first serve basis. We have group volunteer opportunities Tuesday-Friday and on Saturdays.

Listed below are some of the non-construction volunteer opportunities:


  • ReStore Warehouse Volunteers – The ReStore is always looking for volunteers to work in the store. Volunteers clean and prepare donations for sale, provide sales assistance on sales floor, straighten sales floor and shelves and assist with inventory control.


  • Office Assistance – FBHFH is always looking for folks to assist in data entry, answering the phone, and other general office activities.
  • Website/Social Marketing – Also needed are volunteers to maintain and update the FBHFH website, as well as take and post pictures of the construction site, promote FBHFH events/activities, advertise volunteer opportunities, and advertise products for sale in ReStore on the website and social marketing sites.
  • Media, Newsletter, Press – For anyone interested in writing for the newsletter, issuing press releases, making contact with local media, etc. No experience necessary!
  • Workshop Leaders – FBHFH is seeking volunteers with extensive knowledge in plumbing, electrical, heating/venting, etc. that would be willing to teach homeowners and conduct monthly workshops.


Committee Membership – We have many committees which often need assistance or new committee members. Please see a listing of committees below for more information.

Construction Committee:

  • review and approve house plans
  • purchase materials and contact suppliers
  • supervise construction of homes
  • maintain guidelines set forth by city codes

Family Services Committee:

  • screens applications and interviews prospective homeowners
  • recommends applicant family to the Board for acceptance into the Habitat program
  • provides a support system to homeowner families
  • offers workshops for families on topics related to home ownership, budgeting, and home maintenance

Resource Development Committee:

  • designs and implements fund raising campaigns for the affiliate
  • pursues grant money
  • plans special community-wide fundraising events
  • cultivates donors among local businesses, companies, and individuals

Site Selection Committee:

  • locates available lots for future building projects
  • researches title and property issues before land purchase
  • evaluates the suitability of potential purchases for affiliate needs
  • communicates lot availability with construction committee

Volunteer Coordination Committee:

  • sends building schedules to potential volunteers
  • confirms work schedule for participating groups and individuals
  • organizes volunteers at the building site (check in, work groups, food set up, etc.)
  • solicits donations of snacks and meals for volunteers at building site

Communications Committee:

  • assist with the development of mail-outs, flyers, etc.
  • work with affiliate to develop the year end giving campaign
  • develop advertising campaigns for the affiliate

Special Projects and Extraordinary Committees:

  • organize and coordinate special events or projects as needed
  • assist with the development of special programs to meet the growing needs of the County

Want to volunteer?: Visit the webpage here. If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Services Director at 281-403-0708 ext. 305

Facebook: Fort Bend Habitat Facebook Page



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